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When you use UGO Wallet, your security is of prime importance to us. Whether you're adding your loyalty, gift, membership, and other cards, your information is safe with us. We protect your sensitive data with bank-grade encryption.

UGO Wallet keeps your info under wraps

Protecting your sensitive data is very important to us. When you use the Backup feature to save your loyalty, gift, membership, or other cards to the UGO Cloud, your information is securely encrypted.

Get an extra line of defense

You can add extra protection by requiring a password, passcode, or Touch ID, depending on your smartphone, to be used each time you open your UGO Wallet. Passwords and passcodes are personal, so never share them and never let someone else register their fingerprint for Touch ID on your phone!

Got a question or a problem?

Speak directly with a member of our UGO Customer Care Team for any questions about UGO Wallet by sending us an emailĀ at contactus@ugo.ca.

For any loyalty, membership, gift or other card account-related questions, please call the merchant or card provider.

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